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Emma Rehn

Image is of Emma Rehn. Emma is seated and counting charcoal by stereomicroscope in the laboratory at James Cook University, Cairns.

James Cook University, Australia

November 2, 2021

@ 2100 UTC

Burning questions: exploring human-environment interactions in late Holocene savanna fires in northern Australia

How do we find signs of Indigenous cultural burning in palaeofire records, especially in fire-prone
ecosystems like savannas? The answer may be a combination of methods we already have. This
seminar presents a multi-proxy 4600-year palaeofire record from a previously unstudied region of
northern Australia, looking at relative fire intensity paired with other measures to find human

Hagar Hauzer

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

November 9, 2021

@ 1600 UTC

Title TBA

Kimberly Lau

Penn State

November 16, 2021

Title TBA

Jess Crumpton-Banks

November 23, 2021

Title TBA

Andy Fraass

University of Victoria, Canada

November 30, 2021

Title TBA

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