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Deborah Khider

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Information Sciences Institute

University of Southern California

August 03, 2021

AI in the paleogeosciences: progress, challenges, and opportunities

“The past is the key to the future.” In a seminal paper from the 1980’s, Bruce Doe recognized the importance of the then emergent field of paleoclimatology to decisions federal agencies would have to make in the face of rising greenhouse gases concentrations. The promise of paleoclimatology is two-folds: (1) to assess the current climate change in the context of climate variations across the decades and centuries, and (2) to validate climate
model outputs. But it wasn’t until recently, with advances in geoinformatics, that paleoclimatology could fully fulfill its promises.
In this talk, I will walk through examples of how advances in artificial intelligence have benefited the paleogeosciences, and in particular paleoclimatology. I will demonstrate how knowledge representation and has helped with the day-to-day work of paleoclimatologists by
broadening access to data and to automated cutting-edge data analytic tools.

Tripti Bhattacharya

Syracuse University

August 10, 2021

Title TBA

Candela Blanco-Moreno

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

August 17, 2021

Title TBA

Makarius Itambu

University Dar es Salaam

August 24, 2021

Title TBA

Markus Adloff

University of Birmingham

August 31, 2021

Title TBA

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