Pal(a)eo PERCS is committed to producing an accessible virtual seminar series. Some of our efforts include live-captioning of talks using auto-captions, seminar recordings available to attendees for later viewing, and encouraging our speakers to use colorblind-friendly graphics. However, we recognize that these efforts are not exhaustive, and that accessibility is a continual work in progress. We are an international, institution-independent coalition of early career researchers and professionals, and would like to do right by our community members. If there is an accommodation that would improve your ability to participate in this seminar series, please reach out to us at and we will work with you. Thank you! 

The Mind Hears, a blog by and for Deaf academics
The IAGD, an organization dedicated to improving access and inclusion for disabled academics. We recommend their Resources page
How to get the most out of real-time Auto Captions (from The Mind Hears)
Color Blindness Simulator for testing figure accessibility
Perkins School for the Blind information on how to write alt-text and image descriptions

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